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Host an RCV House Party!

Hosting your own Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) house party is a great way to educate your friends and neighbors about the upcoming November elections. Get started organizing your own party today! 

Before the Party:

1. Pick a date to host your party and email us at to coordinate a speaker.
2. Plan a mock election with something fun -- appetizers, wine, salads, pastries, or anything you like.  Once you decide, you can ask 3 or 4 people to contribute whatever is on the ballot, cut into individual pieces for all attendees to sample. You will have three to four candidates for the ballot and guests will be asked to vote on the candidates in order of preference – 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.
3. Invite everyone you know! Send out invitations by email or e-vite to friends, neighbors, elected officials representing your area, candidates running for office or others to inform them about an opportunity to learn about RCV.

At the party:

Following is a typical party format, but feel free to be creative and do something different. Have folks in the first 45 minutes:

  • Sign-in
  • Mingle, eat, and drink
  • Sample the ballot item 
  • Vote in the election (FairVote Minnesota will help voters with this)

After 45 minutes:

  • 10-15 minute presentation and Q&A with a FairVote Minnesota team member about Ranked Choice Voting and the 2017 elections
  • Mock election votes are tallied during the presentation and presented at the end
  • Then continue the fun!

After the party:

  • Email a brief summary of the event to
  • Bask in the glory of knowing you've done your part to help educate voters about Ranked Choice Voting!

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