600 Signatures Collected at St. Anthony Park 4th of July! See PiPress Coverage Here.

About 15 IRV Volunteers showed up and had a great time at the St. Anthony Park Fourth of July celebration. What a wonderful neighborhood event! We collected about 600 signatures in 3 hours.

We still need more names; please check the events calender for upcoming opportunities.

Please see the (unusually gentle) article mentioning IRV:

City Hall Scoop Blog, by Tim Nelson.

July 9, 2007 11:07 PM

The Marching Season

We finally got around to downloading our digital camera from last week. Sheesh, that midweek July 4th takes a lot of out a blogger. Anyway, here's some of what we found interesting at the St. Anthony Park Fourth of July Parade on Como Avenue.


Mayor Chris Coleman and his wife, Connie, looked like they were going to pop out of this jump seat, toasted to a golden brown, by the time they got to the St. Anthony Park library.



This one-time City Hall contender, though, was a model of ultra violet safety on Como Avenue last week. Yes, that's Elizabeth Dickinson under that hat and behind those glasses. She was out working the crowd and collecting petition signatures for one of her favorite causes, instant runoff voting.


Speaking of which, the rest of the Better Ballot Campaign crew took their cause right to the street last week. That's Amy Brendmoen, the driving force behind the effort to get IRV before the voters this fall, holding the near side of the flag. Paul Busch is walking right behind her, and Libby Kantner in the jean shorts, carrying a Better Ballot sign.




Clearly, though, the Neighbors Against the Burner have a ways to go yet. It looked like the instant runoff voting folks could have mopped up on the contingent fighting the new proposed new power plant for the Rock-Tenn facility at Interstate 94 and Vandalia. Although, if memory serves the Scoop correctly, Brownie Troop 2833 had both of them outnumbered, not even counting their allies, Girl Scout Troop 375.




And of course, the Carter family was not to be trifled with, either. They fielded two of their three Melvins, even though the parade didn't really get anywhere near Ward 1, where Melvin II ran in 2003 and Melvin III is running this year. County commissioner and former school board member Toni was out waving her flag, too.






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