Best of the Worst: Politics On-Air a resounding success! | Fair Vote Minnesota


Best of the Worst: Politics On-Air a resounding success!

Best of the Worst: Politics On-Air a resounding success!

Thanks to all who attended FairVote MNs event, Politics On-Air, this week! The screening aired some of the most outrageous negative political ads over the past decade in Minnesota, including the Walz-Demmer, Bachmann-Graves and the Dayton-Emmer-Horner campaigns. Ranking their top three picks of worst ads, a majority of ad viewers elected the anti-Walz Storm Cloud ad the decades top worst ad.

The experience was contrasted to last years Ranked Choice Voting election for Minneapolis Mayor which is broadly recognized as the citys most civil election ever and completely void of negative ads.

Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges and newly appointed City Coordinator Spencer Cronk introduced the ads and shared their perspectives on how RCV is changing the way politics works in Minneapolis. "RCV encourages coalition-building and compromises_it brings new voices to the table that wouldnt have otherwise been there," said Cronk.

The event raised awareness and support for our statewide public education campaign for Ranked Choice Voting a simple, innovative change that can reshape politics for the better in Minnesota. FairVote Minnesota is supporting the grassroots effort in Duluth to bring RCV to the Northland and is pushing for a change in state law that would allow any local jurisdiction in Minnesota the option to use RCV if they wish.

City by city, we can do this in Minnesota. It's a winning strategy, said former United Strategies campaign manager, Richard Carlbom. 

I think Ranked Choice Voting is great, and Id tell anybody that, added Mayor Betsy Hodges. RCV was a really great way to extend the conversation_there was a lot of focus on policy and issues, and a lot of positivity.

The event demonstrates growing momentum for reform and voters strong desire for more civil, constructive and less polarizing politics. 

If you missed the event, you can still make a contribution to FairVote Minnesota in support of a better, fairer, more representative democracy. 





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