Caucus reminder: Help RCV move forward tonight! | Fair Vote Minnesota


Caucus reminder: Help RCV move forward tonight!

Dear friends,

Tonights the night your chance to be a voice for a better democracy! Caucuses are a great way to get involved in the democratic process from the bottom up. Heres how to get in on the fun: 

1.      Attend your caucus.  If you dont know where it is, find out here:

2.      Counter any anti-Ranked Choice Voting resolutions you hear. We dont know of any concerted efforts, but we know there are detractors who are pushing back despite RCVs overwhelming success last year. Click here for talking points and answers to frequently asked questions:

3.      Present the pro-RCV resolution to help move forward our RCV Local Options bill  (S.F. 335; H.F. 367) which would give all local jurisdictions the power to use RCV if they so choose.  DFL, GP, GOP, IP.

4.      Talk to all candidates -- running for the legislature, county, Secretary of State, and governor -- about RCV. If they support it, thank them and ask them to talk about it in their campaigns. If theyre not sure yet, let them know why they should support it they need to hear from you!

5.      Help advance RCV at the next level: Sign up to be a delegate and caucus for RCV at your party convention(s).

6.      Help us sign up new supporters. Click here to download a signup sheet.

7.      Last but not least, if youre from Duluth, help launch the campaign to bring RCV to your community! Click here to download a resolution (on DFL form or General), and sign the petition of support circulating in your precinct tonight!  

Contact Mike Griffin at if you can go and would like more information.  If you live in Duluth, contact Ryan Kennedy at

Enjoy your caucus!





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