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Dear {contact.first_name},

What a year its been! We cant thank you enough for your commitment to a stronger, better democracy and your support of Ranked Choice Voting.

Your hard work and dedication paid off and now, more voters than ever have seen the benefits and the transformative power of ranking their vote!

But we arent done yet. Minneapolis and St. Paul are the only two cities in Minnesota that use Ranked Choice Voting and at FairVote Minnesota, we think its time to change that.

Thats why one of our main priorities in 2014 is to pass legislation that will make it easier for other cities and municipalities to explore bringing RCV to their residents. To do that, we need your financial support -please click here to make one final year-end contribution to FairVote Minnesota!

We also have to continue working hard to ensure the truth about Ranked Choice Voting is known, because the skeptics and political insiders who want to go back to the old way low turnout, unrepresentative primaries with as low as 5% voter turnout are working harder than ever to destroy the progress weve made and will surely try to block any legislation we put forward in 2014. With your help, well make sure they dont succeed.

The numbers speak for themselves:

88% of Minneapolis voters ranked their ballot for mayor.

85% of Minneapolis voters found RCV easy to use, including 81% of voters over age 65 and 82% of voters of color.

In Minneapolis and St. Pauls Ward 1, turnout was the highest its been in 12 and 8 years, respectively.

80% of voters reported being familiar with RCV and ready to vote on Election Day.

Click here right now to help support FairVote Minnesota in the new year!

Perhaps one of the best things to come from Minneapolis and St. Pauls use of Ranked Choice Voting is a new, civil tone in our political campaigns. Gone are the days of mudslinging and negative attacks. Instead, we saw an issue-based, positive campaign and thats good for all of us.

With your help of $50 or $100 (or more if you can), we can continue to bring RCV to more communities and advance RCV statewide, where it can help bring an end to our crippling partisanship and polarization.

Thank you and Happy New Year!

Jeanne Massey





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