DFL Ward Conventions Bring In Signatures and Supporters

With five of seven DFL Ward Conventions under its belt, the Better Ballot Campaign is moving full steam ahead in its plan to get an IRVreferendum on the November ballot. Please look to the left screen for information on how to help at the next two ward conventions.

The Campaign is seeking the St. Paul DFL's endorsement at the June 9th city convention. The ward conventions have served as a venue to collect signatures, secure public support and identify city delegates.

The campaign collected just underfour hundred signatures at DFL events alone in the past week. Three more conventions are on the event calendar for this week and organizersplan to match last week'seffort. Volunteers are working hard to input this new data to gage the petition drive is going and cultivate our volunteer base.

This week Stu Alger, City Chair, joined Lynn Taplin, City Asso. Chair in public support for IRV. Retired Police ChiefBill Finney also joined the growing list of community leader support.

The city convention is on June 9 and, quite frankly,we are hoping for foul weather.With virtually no contest for school board races, IRV will be the issue du jour at the gathering. However, we cannot win that endorsement without strong support. If you are a city delegate, please show up to help secure the DFL nod.

Check upcoming events and petition opportunities on this website if you would like to help bring a better ballot to St. Paul!





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