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FairVote MN August News: In Cahoots! Collaboration a win for RCV

In Cahoots! Collaboration a win for RCV

What a night! Delicious new craft beer creations, terrific live music, tasty food, AND a healthy dose of democracy reform were all enjoyed at the tenth annual Red Stag In Cahoots! block party.

With a total of 1,381 ballots cast, the Ranked Choice Voting election was highly competitive with Fulton and Modist Breweries collaboration, Parallel Paradise eventually emerging as the winner after four spirited rounds. Surly and Bent Paddles collaboration, Mother of the Gut Ale, ultimately placed second after leading initially. Congratulations to all of the terrific local breweries who participated!

This election perfectly encapsulated the appeal and benefits of Ranked Choice Voting. Under our traditional first-past-the-post system, Surly and Bent Paddle would have won with a mere 25% of the vote. Allowing voters to rank their choices results in a more nuanced understanding of how the electorate really feels and, in the end, ensures the winner secures a majority of support.  

FairVote Minnesota is proud to collaborate with In Cahoots! each summer. Its a wonderful opportunity to have fun while also demonstrating the power of Ranked Choice Voting. This is another example of the momentum were seeing statewide around Ranked Choice Voting, and were thrilled by this unique opportunity to give even more voters the chance to experience RCV for themselves and educate them about how RCV can transform elections for the better. See you next year!

See you at the Fair!

We can hardly believe it, but the Minnesota State Fair starts TOMORROW! FairVote Minnesotas booth is located in the Education Building, and will be chock full with Ranked Choice Voting fun! Our state fair food election will be back by popular demand, so come hungry and be ready to rank your vote! 

The State Fair is also a terrific opportunity to introduce a friend or family member to the benefits of Ranked Choice Voting. Well also have information about what your presidential ballot may have looked like under Ranked Choice Voting, and the importance of passing our Local Options bill to remove barriers for more local jurisdications to implement RCV if they wish.

Be sure you stop by, and if you cant make it this year, you can follow along to our Fair adventures on Facebook and Twitter. See you at the Fair! 

P.S. There are still a few volunteer shifts at our booth email info@fairvotemn.org if you'd like to help out!

Let your voice be heard

If youve got a few minutes to spare and a passion for democracy reform, we want to hear from you.

An easy and impactful way to promote Ranked Choice Voting is to write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. With abysmal primary turnout and a presidential race rife with extremism and negative attacks, this election season is highlighting, more than ever, the critical need to improve our election system and you can help spread the word!  You can help spread the word by sharing why you love RCV!

If you need a refresher on the benefits of RCV, see our talking points to get the ball rolling. And when youre writing a few words about your favorite benefit of Ranked Choice Voting, keep these tips in mind: choose one aspect of RCV to highlight; try to keep it to about 300 words; make it more compelling by tying it to current events; and encourage readers to learn more about RCV at www.fairvotemn.org.

Let us know if you have questions, and be sure to keep us posted if your letter runs!

Talk with candidates about RCV

Campaign season is in full swing for state legislative and local elections, making now the perfect time to talk with candidates about Ranked Choice Voting! When candidates are asking for your vote, check with them about their thoughts on electoral reform, specifically RCV. Ask if they support RCV for your community and if they back our Local Options bill, which would remove barriers for cities, towns and school districts that wish to implement RCV. Its crucial that local candidates and legislators hear from YOU about your priorities and know that RCV is important to you. Click here to find out who's running to represent you and get links to candidate websites.

If candidates are interested in learning more, refer them to www.fairvotemn.org.

Thank your for all your help creating a better democracy!

The FairVote Minnesota team





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