FairVote MN News, Feb. 2013: RCV Bill Earns Committee Approval, Moves Forward in Legislature

RCV Bill Earns Committee Approval, Moves Forward in Legislature

Your hard work and ours is paying off in spades! Our Ranked Choice Voting local options bill continues its progress at the Legislature thanks largely to the advocacy of democracy reform champions like you.

Tuesday, the House Elections Committee chaired by the bills chief House author, Rep. Steve Simon approved H.F. 367, which now moves on to the general register.

Overriding RCV opponents who spoke against the bill, the Committee approved the measure on a voice vote; were grateful to Chair Simon and to all committee members for their work.

Tuesdays hearing came on the heels of the bills first successful committee hearing, before the Senate Committee on State and Local Government on Feb. 18. Were grateful to the Senate  chief author, Sen. Ann Rest, for her outstanding leadership  as well as to committee Chair Sandy Pappas and all committee members voting yes; there was only one no vote. 

Read more details about the hearings here.

Thanks also to those of you who called and wrote the committees as well as those who showed up to stand with us in support of the bill. That visible support was crucial!

Please take one more step and contact the members of the House Elections and Senate State and Local Government Committee to thank them for moving the bill forward!

And again, we simply couldnt have done it without the many other RCV champions who showed up to testify (including many who came again on Tuesday). Theres no doubt about it: Your phone calls, emails and willingness to physically show up at the Capitol truly make a difference. Stay tuned for more updates -- and how you can help us move the bill forward!

Gergen: We Must Change and Thrive, and RCV is Key

Democracy reform is imperative and its achievable, longtime political commentator David Gergen said in an inspiring conversation at Frederikson & Byron, P.A., in Minneapolis Feb. 7. Ranked Choice Voting, one of the most interesting pioneering efforts in the country to change the political culture, Gergen said, offers a smarter, healthier, more civilized way to do politics.

And now is the time to act, he added. Were at a point of strategic inflection. Politically we will either keep our model and sink, or change and thrive.

If anyone is in a position to know just how polarized and dysfunctional our political system has become, its Gergen. The journalist and adviser to four U.S. presidents Nixon, Ford, Reagan and Clinton began his distinguished career when working across party lines for the greater good was commonplace. Thats not the case anymore, he said.

Hyperpartisanship is hobbling our elected officials ability to lead, and its hurting our standing internationally, Gergen said. This kind of poison has spread in our system and its holding us back. But it neednt be that way, he emphasized.

Gergen left his audience hopeful and energized. Ranked Choice Voting, he said, is exactly the kind of innovation that can bring about a political renaissance in the U.S. and FairVote Minnesota is leading the way.

There is a future out there, if we change the way we conduct our politics, that could be very bright for our kids, Gergen said. Thanks to the many dedicated reform leaders and businesses who made this fantastic event possible; click here for complete coverage.

Keep MN at the Forefront of Democracy Reform: Donate Today!

As David Gergen said in his recent visit, FairVote Minnesota with the help of amazing supporters like you is doing groundbreaking, effective, transformative work in democracy reform. Were truly on the front lines of political innovation, and 2013 could be a breakthrough year for democracy in Minnesota (and beyond) if we have the will to act!

With both Minneapolis and St. Paul holding RCV municipal elections this year and Duluth preparing to make the switch, plus our RCV local options bill gathering steam in the state legislature, were on a roll.

2013 is a pivotal year and the rest of the country is watching. Your support is crucial to sustain this momentum! Please consider a contribution, in any amount, TODAY. As always, thanks for all you do to create a better, smarter, fairer political system.

Share Our New RCV Video and Help Make Change

Have you seen our great new video explaining how Ranked Choice Voting works? If not, check it out its definitely a minute and a half well-spent! And after you watch it, please share with friends, including those who arent yet RCV advocates. Thanks to Wingnut Advertising for their fun, clever and engaging work!

RCV at the Oscars: Outstanding Performance

Once again, the award for best performance in selecting a Best Picture winner with broad support goes to . . . Ranked Choice Voting! For the fourth consecutive year, Academy members used preferential voting aka RCV to select the years Best Picture. This time, Argo emerged the favorite from a crowded field.

As FairVote (national) director Rob Richie wrote, In any other area of life, it would be absurd . . . to suggest someone not go after a goal. We don't tell movie directors not to make a movie because another director might lose their Oscar, do we? Ranked Choice Voting basically fixes this problem, allowing voters to list second and third choices and better ensuring the views of the public are reflected at the ballot box. Bravo!

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