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Fairvote MN News, Jan. 2015: Bipartisan RCV Local Options Bill is Back this Session

Bipartisan RCV Local Options Bill is Back this Session 

The 2015 legislative session is underway, and momentum continues to grow for passage of the bipartisan Ranked Choice Voting local options bill, which we expect to be reintroduced very soon. If you havent already, now is the time to sign the RCV local options petition.

And please: Take just a few minutes to call or email your state legislators. Let them know that you support giving local communities the freedom and flexibility to use RCV without unnecessary government roadblocks.

Remind them that this mandate-free bill would also give interested cities some uniform standards and implementation guidelines, and ensure the next generation of voting equipment is RCV-capable. Emphasize that for cities NOT interested in RCV, the bill would have no impact whatsoever. In short, its a no-brainer!

St. Paul Gears Up for Another Successful RCV Election

Excitement is building in St. Paul for this years municipal elections the third cycle in which voters will use Ranked Choice Voting (or Ranked Voting as its called in St. Paul)! Several competitive multicandidate council races are taking shape, and FairVote Minnesota is gearing up to educate voters and candidates about how to make the most of RCV.

The election year kicks off Tues., Feb. 3, at 7 p.m.: Thats when precinct caucuses take place across the city. Those caucuses, followed by district conventions at the end of February, are prime opportunities to educate voters about how ranking their ballots gives them more choice and more power and we need your help to do it!

Can you lend a hand to distribute flyers and sign folks up to pledge to rank their vote? You dont need to live in St. Paul, and well make sure you get a FairVote Minnesota T-shirt in the bargain. Contact Mike Griffin at mike.griffin@fairvotemn.org if you can spare a couple hours for democracy its easy, energizing, and fun! With your help we can make this a successful, inclusive, high-turnout RCV election.

Duluth Rank Your Vote Effort Names New Manager

The movement for voting reform is heating up in the Northland as the Duluth Rank Your Vote effort kicks into high gear. The Duluth Leadership Team has welcomed Casey Krolczyk, former Duluth field organizer for DFL and Al Franken, as campaign manager.

Krolczyk said his experience as an organizer has shown him that too many voters are disenchanted with the status quo and politically disengaged as a result. If we want to live in a functioning democracy, we need to make changes that promote issue-based campaigns and provide voters with a variety of choices, not just whats made it through party and primary filters. That change starts with RCV.

Follow the Duluth Rank Your Vote effort at RankYourVote.org and on Twitter and Facebook

FairVote Minnesota Board Welcomes New Members

The FairVote Minnesota Board of Directors is thrilled to announce the return of two previous members public speaker and arts and education advocate Carol Rudie and futurist and former Independence Party of Minnesota Chair Jack Uldrich and to welcome three brand new members. They are: Gail Dorfman, former Hennepin County Commissioner and current St. Stephens Human Services executive director; Matt Lewis, strategy manager at Greater MSP, the Minneapolis-St. Paul Regional Economic Development Partnership; and Jim Watkins, cofounder and managing director of development at Sociable Cider Werks, Minnesotas first craft cidery.

The Board has named current members Tim Penny and Ellen Brown as interim chair and vice chair, respectively, and thanks outgoing chair and longtime RCV champion Buzz Cummins for his dedication and excellent service.

Its been a joy to help advance Ranked Choice Voting in Minnesota over the years, Cummins said. And Ive never been more convinced of its ability to transform our democracy for the better or of FairVote Minnesotas capacity to make it a reality across the state.

Help Us Ensure that 2015 is a Smashing Success! 

To pass the local options bill, educate St. Paul voters, and help Duluthians win RCV for city elections, we need organizers, phone-bankers, door-knockers, lobbyists, educational materials, clipboards, and T-shirts! With your help, we can do all this and more! Can you make a $25, $50, or $75 donation today? Your support in any amount truly makes a difference!

Thanks for your continued support for a better democracy!






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