Fulton and Dangerous Man Brewerys 13th Task elected new best brew!

Fulton and Dangerous Man Brewerys 13th Task elected new best brew!

A huge thank you to everyone who joined us this Sunday for Red Stags block party, In Cahoots! Over 2,000 people were in attendance to sample new beers, enjoy live music, and practice Ranked Choice Voting by electing their favorite beer.

Eight breweries collaborated in groups of two to create four brand-new, never-before-tasted beers especially for this event.

The beers 13th Task by Fulton and Dangerous Man; Mark by Bang and Summit; Burnout Smoked Apple by Schells and Sociable Cider Werks; and Red Smoke Rye by Fitgers and Bent Paddle all proved enormously popular as nearly 1,400 people ranked their votes for their favorites.

While 13th Task captured a strong first-round lead, no candidate had an outright majority (50% + 1) of first choice votes just as we see in many of our political elections. It took additional rounds of counting to determine the winner. The lowest vote-getter, Mark, was eliminated and redistributed to the remaining beer choices based on those voters second choices. Red Smoke Rye was eliminated next, leaving 13th Task and Burnout Smoked Apple in a race for first place. Ultimately, 13th Task by Fulton and Dangerous Man Brewery, came out on top as the best new brew in Minnesota! Congratulations to both breweries!

Voters loved being able to fully express their opinion without worrying about wasting their vote. One attendee, Joe, said, Ranked Choice Voting is pretty awesome. It allows for greater accuracy in capturing peoples preferences.

Thank you to the Red Stag, Growler Magazine, and all the wonderful volunteers who helped make this event a resounding success! And most of all, thank you to the thousands of attendees who used the best voting system in Minnesota to elect the best new brew in Minnesota!

You can see all the fun pictures of the evening on our facebook page!

If you have an idea for a ranked ballot contest, contact us wed love to help you decide your next best of!





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