Great Turnout for IRV House Party/Convention Kick Off!

Approximately 100 IRV supporters made time to come to the DFL Ward Convention kick-off party hosted by Dan Duddingston and the IRV Team. It was a great event and a great group of people!

Supporters, some armed with stacks of signed petitions, came to meet other IRV supporters andto sign up for more volunteer opportunities.Bestof all theysampled tasty desserts and/orice cold beer and then ranked and talliedtheir favorties, IRV-style.

Jay Benanav offered opening remarks and gave supporters good ideas for bettering its work with the St. Paul City Council. School Board member Anne Carrol, and School Board hopefuls Keith Hardy and Kevin Riach were on hand to lend their support for IRV. The IRV team asked people to attend their conventions, sport the orange and help us gather more signatures!

A great, fun and easyway to spreadIRV information to friends, family and neighbors is to host a house party. Click here for a house party packet that gives youa planfor hosting your own IRV event. Members of the IRV team would be happy to speak at your event provided they, too, can taste desserts, sample beer, sip wine or nibble cheese! Are you ready to have a spring soiree?? Make it IRV-y!

Thanks to our dessert bakers, Kathleen Murphy and Tammy Teske and our beer-ista Darren Tobolt. And big thanks to Dan and Lara Duddingston for welcoming such a large group into their home. Good times were had by all.

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