Help us win the Looking@Democracy Challenge!

Friends, you may remember the terrific Ranked Choice Voting demonstration video, Whos Your Favorite President?, the good folks at Wingnut Advertising created for us in February.

That video is up for an award in the Looking@Democracy Challenge, a national competition sponsored by the Illinois Humanities. Its aimed at bring[ing] attention to ideas, perspectives and stories that are not currently featured in our mainstream political conversation and sharing ideas about how we might together strengthen American democracy.

We know that RCV can do just that and this great little video succinctly, engagingly explains how! Will you take just a moment or two and cast a vote (alas, not a ranked one) for our video? Theres prize money at stake, and as one of Minnesotas hardest-working public interest groups, we could surely put it to good use. But more importantly, winning would heighten awareness of RCV one of the most important (and achievable!) political reforms of our time.

Please vote, leave a comment, and share this link with friends it could give a huge boost to our efforts across Minnesota (and beyond)!

Thanks for all you do for a better democracy!

FairVote Minnesota Team





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