IRV is better for women

By Gena Berglund Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) is better for women according to Kelly O'Brien in her Minnesota Womens Press opinion piece.

Ms. O'Brien opines that instant runoff voting gives women and minorities greater political clout and promotes a political environment that is more welcoming to women candidates and voters.

She notes that ranked ballot voting eliminates the "spoiler effect," which allows women to pool, rather than split, their support among like-minded (women) candidates. Furthermore, IRV provides a more accurate tally of support for third party and other candidates outside of the mainstream.

Women are more likely to thrive as candidates because IRV promotes consensus-building and is less adversarial. After all, she writes, if a candidate can't be your first choice on the ballot, she will try hard to be your second.

Many women and womens organizations have endorsed the Better Ballot Campaign. Find our lists of endorsers in Saint Paul and in Minneapolis and statewide.

To get more information about signing the petition, going to your caucuses, and supporting IRV in Saint Paul, visit our website. Or contact us at or 651-208-7964.





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