IRV Earns St. Paul DFL Endorsement!!!

After two ballots, the St. Paul Better Ballot Campaign and its supporters earned 61% of the vote to earn the St. Paul DFL endorsement of Instant Runoff Voting. Yeee haaaawww!

See details on Eric Pusey's blog. He managed the floor for us.

The Saint Paul DFL Party endorsed the Better Ballot Campaign on the 2nd ballot today at the city convention. The Better Ballot Campaign is working to put Instant Runoff Voting (IRV)on the ballot in November. Voters would then choose whether or not to have city municipal elections for Mayor and Council using IRV. Exact numbers are at the very bottom of the post.

IRV ballot measure missed the 60% endorsement threshold by 2 votes on the first ballot and then won by 2 on the second! Surprisingly, it appears that only 1 delegate left between the first and second ballots. Over here in Minneapolis, we're used to higher rates of disappearing delegates. I doff my cap to y'all.

Ramsey County Commissioner Toni Carter nominated IRV, Ruby Hunt seconded the nomination and City Council member Jay Benanav was the main speaker. CM Benanav and FairVote MN's Jeanne Massey answered questions during the 15 minute Q&A session. State Senator Ellen Anderson, Ryan Greenwood representing Take Action Minnesota, Tammy Teske the DFL Feminist Caucus, Al Uhl from the Progressive Caucus and Julia May all spoke in favor of IRV during the pro and con section of the proceedings. The speakers against were Chuck Repke and Paul Skrbec. There were three other opposition speakers, but I didn't catch their names.

I'd like to thank everyone who helped achieve this IRV victory. Its a huge step toward winning in November. There are too many volunteers to list and I didn't catch all of your names as working conventions is chaotic and exciting (and my attention span gets really, really short). The next step will be collecting signatures to reach the 5000 threshold to guarantee IRV gets on the November ballot ... after Grand Old Days we only have about 2000 to go.

Ward Yes No Percentage
Ward 1 24 13 64.8%
Ward 2 12 15 44.4%
Ward 3 18 14 56.3%
Ward 4 25 14 64.1%
Ward 5 23 12 65.7%
Ward 6 10 6 62.5%
Ward 7 20 10 66.7%
Total 132 84 61.1%





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