At Issue: Tom Hauser talks with Jeanne Massey and Grace Wachlarowicz about Election Day

November 5, 2013 


In this week's edition of At Issue, host Tom Hauser takes an in-depth look at the local political issues that affect you.

Tuesday is Election Day, and the race for Minneapolis Mayor is wide-open for the 35-candidate pool thanks in part to current Mayor R.T. Rybak not running for re-election after 12 years in office.

Collectively, the mayoral candidates have raised about $1.7 million. Mark Andrew is the top fundraising candidate. He has brought in $420,000 so far. Dan Cohen has spent $320,000, mostly of his own money. Betsy Hodges raised $258,000 and Cam Winton drew in $108,000.

Minneapolis voters will be using ranked-choice voting to pick their mayor for the first time. Minneapolis Elections Director Grace Wachlarowicz and Jeanne Massey of FairVote Minnesota talked in studio with host Tom Hauser about how low primary turnout affected the decision to move to the ranked-choice system, how prepared the city and its citizens are for the switch and what will go on behind the scenes to come up with a winner.

The high number of mayoral candidates prompted Rybak to voice concern on his blog about the $20 filing fee for candidates. The fee is low compared to other cities in the country, including St. Paul where it is $500.





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