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Local options petition is gaining steam are you with us?

Dear friends,

Last week confirmed something weve believed for a long time: Minnesotans all across the state are hungry for democracy reform and improved elections, are confident that Ranked Choice Voting is the path to a better future, and want the option to implement it in their city.

In the last seven days, hundreds of Minnesotans have signed our local options petition to give cities the freedom to choose to use Ranked Choice Voting. But were not done yet. Please, take 10 seconds out of your day to tell Minnesota lawmakers that you support the RCV local options bill. And when youre done, forward the petition to five of your friends and ask them to sign, too. Through your grassroots support, were confident that this bill will be successful next session.

Last weeks special primary election for Hennepin Countys 3rd district highlighted the great need for Ranked Choice Voting: turnout for the primary was a dismal 6 percent. This premature winnowing of the field by a small sliver of voters would be eliminated under RCV yet under current law, Hennepin County is unable to use RCV. The local options bill removes barriers for cities, counties and school districts that need special legislative permission to use RCV.

The local options bill was blocked this session, but with your support, well be back. Sign the petition now urging the Minnesota legislature to pass this common-sense, mandate-free bill that would give Minnesota towns, cities, and counties the freedom to use RCV.

Minnesotans are more fired up than ever for election reform sign the petition today to let legislators know that youre one of them!

Thank you!

The FairVote MN team





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