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Make the Difference this Weekend!



Dear friends of democracy,

Its Congressional District convention timeand whether or not youre a delegate, the next two Saturdays are a prime opportunity for you to help advance democracy reform! As we saw in the blocking of the local options bill, which would have made it easier for other Minnesota cities to implement Ranked Choice Voting, back-room power brokers continue working behind the scenes to hobble reform efforts. Invested in the old plurality system and the disproportionate influence they wield under it, these entrenched interests are determined to roll back RCV where its in use and to prevent other forward-thinking communities from adopting it.

Congressional district conventions are a pivotal place to fight back. Theyre the last stop before the state convention and a chance to build delegate support going into the May 29-30 gathering.

Heres where we let the guardians of the status quo know that were committed to a smarter, fairer, more representative and more inclusive way of electing our leaders.

If youre caucusing DFL, we need your help to keep RCV firmly in the partys ongoing platform, make our RCV Local Options Bill part of the partys Action Agenda and ensure the Secretary of State candidates are committed to helping move RCV forward.

Its crucial that we act now to ensure that Ranked Choice Votingand the right of local communities to try it if they chooseare central issues in the Secretary of State race. Rep. Steve Simon and Rep. Deb Hillstrom need to know that YOU care about RCV and that youre counting on them to make RCV a priority once elected!

Congressional districts 1, 2, 4 and 7 are holding their conventions this Saturday, April 26. Districts 3, 5, 6 and 8 are holding their conventions a week later, Saturday, May 3. Click here for details. Can you dedicate a few hours to democracy reform at one of these conventions?

1. If youre a delegate, you can help advocate for RCV within that role:

Sign and circulate our RCV petition! While there are no resolutions to pass at CD conventions, signing our petition will build support leading up to the convention, where we want to pass the RCV Local Options Bill resolution.  We'll have petitions to sign at the convention and you can sign online right now!.

Stop by the FairVote MN table for a t-shirt and button and show your support throughout the convention! Our friendly volunteers can also answer any questions you have.

Caucus for Ranked Choice Voting. Tell fellow delegates why you support RCVand why you support the right of local communities to innovate if they wish.

Ask candidates to sharewith you and with other delegatestheir take on RCV and local options legislation.

Refute any RCV myths and misinformation you encounter. This RCV FAQ can help.

2. Whether or not youre a delegate, you can sign and circulate our RCV petition and help by volunteering!

Were seeking volunteers to table at conventionsits easy, energizing and surprisingly fun to spend a morning or afternoon chatting with convention delegates about RCVs power to transform democracy! You dont need to be a party member. Well provide training and work with your schedule to find a time slot that suits you. Email Mike Griffin at

As always, your advocacy makes the difference. The movement toward statewide use of RCV depends on enabling other Minnesota cities to try RCVand you can help make that happen! Please contact me at with any questions, or to join us at a CD convention (in any capacity)! We look forward to seeing you soon!

Thank you!

Mike Griffin

PS: If you cant attend, please support our convention efforts by donating $25 or $50 your support in any amount is critical right now!





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