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Minneapolis Charter Commission announces vacancies

You can influence the structure and processes of city government by serving on your city's charter commission (107 Minnesota cities have charters). Voting methods such as making a change to Instant Runoff Voting come under the purview of the Charter Commission.

The Minneapolis Charter Commission has four immediate openings for which the public is invited to apply. Appointments are made by Chief Judge of Hennepin District Court Lucy Wieland. The application deadline is March 23rd.

The City Clerk's office is facilitating an application process through that office. Information and application forms are available at http://www.ci.minneapolis.mn.us/boards-and-commissions/open/Charter_Commission.asp.

If you are interested in supporting Instant Runoff Voting as a Minneapolis Charter Commission member, please contact FairVote Minnesota at info@fairvotemn.org or the Better Ballot Campaign at info@betterballotcampaign.org.





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