Resisting the Repeal, Caucuses, Candidate Training, and More!

St. Paulites are resisting repeal!  

The power of the people was on display once again on Monday, March 27, at the St. Paul Charter Commission Review Subcommittee. Despite moving the meeting to a larger space, it was still standing room only as RCV advocates showed up en masse to resist a repeal effort. Only one Commissioner, Chuck Repke, appears to be driving this effort . . . and he displayed little patience with those who disagreed with him.

Conceding the need for public input, Commissioners passed the matter of repeal onto the full Commission without comment or recommendation. There’s no formal charter amendment proposal on the table at this point, and no meeting of the full Commission is scheduled. We’ll be sure to update you if a meeting is scheduled.

FairVote Minnesota sends a big thank you to everyone who attended or took time to write an email urging Commissioners to reject any proposal to repeal RCV in St. Paul. Your presence on Monday and messages to the Charter Commission are making all the difference! Please continue using your voice to tell the St. Paul Charter Commission that St. Paul says no to any attempt to subvert the will of the voters! Click here for more details about Monday’s meeting and how you can continue to put the brakes on this repeal effort.


Your support is urgently needed 

Opponents are doing everything they can to kill RCV in in St. Paul (and beyond). In the process, they are diverting our time and attention from the important work of ensuring success in Minneapolis and St. Paul this year, expanding RCV in other cities, and passing critical legislation to make RCV an option across Minnesota.

Please help us put the emergency brakes on this nefarious effort to roll back electoral progress. Your contribution in any amount – $25, $50, $100 or whatever you can afford – has never been more critical!

Thank you!


Twin Cities to showcase RCV in upcoming elections

The inside maneuver attempting to undo RCV in St. Paul is not slowing down the fast-paced start to the 2017 election season. This November, voters in Minneapolis and St. Paul will use Ranked Choice Voting to elect their mayor, city council members, and other officials. It’s our chance to demonstrate the effectiveness of RCV to voters throughout the state and the entire country.

Although the election is not until November, we're energized now! We're busy educating voters at events and candidate forums, providing education to candidates and their campaign teams, and answering questions from the media.   

For those who live in Minneapolis: a reminder that precinct caucuses are on Tuesday, April 4. Click here for details on what will happen at caucuses and to sign up to volunteer and educate your fellow caucus-goers about ranking their ballots in November!

If you haven’t seen it yet, please check out our new FairVote Minnesota website plus our dedicated education site for the 2017 elections. They are a rich RCV information repository, including helpful videos, concise FAQs, calendars of events, and many useful RCV-related links. Check them out and share the site with everyone you know in St. Paul and Minneapolis!

Don’t forget to pledge to rank your vote while you’re there, and sign up to help with an upcoming event. There are events nearly every day, so whatever works with your schedule works for us!  

We are also happy to report that the success of RCV in Minneapolis and St. Paul will be showcased in Florida over spring break! Sarasota voters passed RCV in 2007 and finally are getting ready to put it into motion. On April 9, Executive Director Jeanne Massey will be sharing our RCV expertise and best practices with organizers there who hope to follow in our successful footsteps. Maine and other cities also are looking to the Twin Cities for guidance on implementing RCV. This is a testimony to the years of hard work and commitment by all of you. 


RCV training for candidates and their campaigns  

We are very excited to be partnering with Wellstone Action this year to provide training to candidates and their campaign teams. Camp Wellstone pros and FairVote Minnesota experts will teach such essentials as how to build a winning coalition under RCV.

Anyone running in a municipal race in Minneapolis or St. Paul, along with campaign team members and others interested in learning about campaigning under RCV, are encouraged to register as soon as possible. Training will be held on May 19-20 at the University of Minnesota’s Hanson Hall on the West Bank. Early bird registration of $100 is available until April 15. Standard registration applies ($150 per person) after that deadline. Register now!

If you are active in a campaign currently or would like to work on an RCV campaign in the future, please join us!

We are also seeking training sponsorships from individuals and organizations. Please contact us at to let us know if you –  or the company you work for – would like sponsorship details. It’s a great way to get to know the up-and-coming leaders of tomorrow!


Thank you for all you do for a better democracy! 





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