Star Tribune columnist cites need for IRV at state level

Star Tribune Columnist Nick Coleman calls for need to consider Instant Runff Voting at the state level

November 09, 2006


Majority, shmajority: Of the last five statewide elections, only one has ended with a governor picked by a majority of voters (Arne Carlson, 1994, 62 percent). After three straight elections in which no one could gain 50-percent-plus 1, it's time to consider instant runoff voting at the state level. IRV would let voters name a second choice, too, so their second choice could be counted if no one wins a majority on the first go-round. This year, IRV might have made Mike Hatch the first DFLer elected to be governor in 20 years, even after his running mate couldn't answer a question about the importance of the ethanol production known as E85 to Minnesota grain farmers. That fun fact could set up a showdown over IRV: A DFL-run Legislature vs. Forty-seven Percent Pawlenty.

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