Star Tribune Editorial - Instant Runoff Voting offers return to majority rule

Editorial: State needs vote-by-number debate

Instant runoff voting offers return to majority rule.

Published: July 09, 2006

To democracy-loving eyes, there was a sweet simplicity about the ballot-counting in the three-way contest for U.S. Senate endorsement at the Independence Party convention June 24. Three middle-aged men in Bermuda shorts sat on the floor, sorting paper ballots into piles, then sorting them again.

VoilĂ ! All it took was 15 minutes of hasty paper-pushing (for storm clouds were menacing overhead) to secure the requisite 60 percent vote for one candidate. None of the tedious subsequent ballots customary at other parties' conventions was necessary. Robert Fitzgerald of Rothsay, Minn., had been endorsed with only one ballot, thanks to instant runoff voting.

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