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Thank our legislative leaders

Dear friends of democracy,

Spring is really hereand weve got something else to celebrate, too!

Although our local options bill was introduced too late for committee hearings this year, we made unprecedented progress in securing bipartisan sponsorship . . . and since the measure wont need reintroduction in the second half of the biennium, were poised for victory in 2016!

More and more lawmakers understand why the ability of local communities to decide for themselves whether they want to try Ranked Choice Votingand the uniform guidelines and standards if they choose to pursue itmatter to voters. Thats partly thanks to the leadership of community-minded legislators on both sides of the aisle: Republican Rep. Tim Sanders and DFL Rep. Laurie Halverson in the House, and Republican Sen. Scott Newman and DFL Sen. Ann Rest in the Senate.

As key authors of the local options bill (H.F. 1280; S.F. 1855), their advocacy has been critical, and remains so going forwardthey deserve our heartfelt thanks! So do the eight other local options coauthors (click on the bills to see the full list of authors) in the legislature. Can you take a moment to let them know youre grateful for their work, and you look forward to the bills passage next session?

Youve always known that local control, political innovation, and smart government are values that transcend party. Now a growing number of policymakers are realizing it too! Its essential that we let local control champions know how much we appreciate their efforts: Click here to say thanks and to share your hopes for next year. And stay tuned for next stepstheres lots to do between now and next session to build the support necessary to pass the RCV local options bill into law.

Thanks for all you do for a better democracy.

The FairVote Minnesota team





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