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We thought local control would be a no-brainer

Dear friends,

Did you catch this terrific Star Tribune commentary by Duluth City Councilor Emily Larson and Falcon Heights Mayor Pete Lindstrom last week? Election reformers across Minnesota are perplexed about the strange demise of the straightforward, mandate-free local options bill this session.

As our longtime supporters well know, FairVote Minnesota and the democracy reform movement simply cant be stopped. Weve got persistenceand the knowledge that theres a smarter, fairer, more civil and more representative way to elect our leaderson our side. But in order to win, we also need your financial support. Please consider a crucial donation today $100, $50 or whatever amount you can will make a big difference!

Were disappointed in the Senate Elections Committees refusal to hear the bill this year, which would have meant a great deal to cities wanting to explore Ranked Choice Votingwhile having no impact whatsoever on cities uninterested in RCV. This sensible measure, authored by Rep. Steve Simon and Sen. Ann Rest, had bipartisan support. And as Lindstrom and Larson wrote, it offered freedom, flexibility and tools that cities have been asking for.

We thought local control would be a no-brainer for legislators with better things to do than maintaining roadblocks and thwarting innovation at the municipal level. This is a frustrating case in point about the urgent need for political reform. It shows that we still have our work cut out for usand your help is absolutely critical. Please consider a donation to FairVote Minnesota, in any amount, TODAY.

Good government will prevail in the long run, but we need your support to grow our efforts at the Capitol. Clearly, antireformists are threatened by the desire of more Minnesota cities to try RCV, and theyre working hard behind the scenes to maintain the status quo. Lets outwork them and show just how unstoppable this movement really is!

Thanks for all you do for a stronger democracy,

Jeanne Massey
FairVote Minnesota Executive Director





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