Open letter from Sen. Jeff Hayden

October 21, 2013

Dear Neighbors:

Just two short weeks from now, on Tuesday, November 5 we will elect our next mayor under the Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) system. If you have not yet voted in an election where RCV was used, take a few minutes to learn how it works.

When you receive your ballot, you will notice that it looks different. There will be three columns of candidates for each race. RCV allows you to rank up to three candidates for each office. You start at the column on the left, marking your first choice. You can mark your second and third choices in the next two columns. Your second choice will only be counted if your first choice is defeated by receiving too few votes. Your third choice will only be counted if your first and second choices have been defeated.

RCV often requires more than one round of tallying votes. To win a race like the mayors office, a candidate needs to reach a threshold of 50 % +1 vote. If that threshold is not met in the first round of tallying, candidates receiving the fewest votes are defeated, and votes for those candidates are transferred to the next ranked choice (marked by voters as their second or third choice). The votes are then re-tallied. This process is repeated until the threshold is met.

You are not required to cast votes for your second and third choice candidates, but I encourage you to fill out all three columns. Use every opportunity you have to influence who leads our city. That way, if your first choice candidate is defeated early on, you have two more opportunities for your voice to be heard and counted.

If you still have questions about how RCV works, visit the Citys website, or call 311 within the city limits or 612.673.3000.



Senator Jeff Hayden

Senate District 62





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