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Minneapolis Charter Reform -- Candidate Questionnaire

How should Minneapolis government be structured to provide the most effective, accountable, and democratic government? This subject is being put to candidates for mayor and city council in a questionnaire cosponsored by FairVote Minnesota along with Minnesota Public Interest Research Group, League of Women Voters of Minneapolis, and Getting to the Bottom of the Ballot. The responses from candidates appearing on the general election ballot will be published in early October.

An attempt is being made to reach all the candidates with the questionnaire. However, candidate contact information is not made public by the city elections office. If you know of any candidates who have not received the questionnaire, refer them back here. Candidates may download the file from this page.

Note to candidates: The questionnaire is a Word document that can only be opened as a 'read-only' file. After entering responses directly into the document, it must be saved using the candidate's first and last names as the new file name. Return to MplsCharter@FairVoteMN.org.





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