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We're Hiring! FairVote MN Seeks St. Paul RCV Education Campaign Manager

FairVote Minnesota St. Paul Education Campaign Manager

June 1, 2015 -- FairVote Minnesota seeks a St. Paul campaign manager to help lead our Ranked Choice Voting community education efforts during the St. Paul 2015 municipal elections. This person will be responsible for planning and executing our education campaign strategy to ensure voters are fully prepared to maximize their vote this year. We serve diverse or underrepresented communities and were seeking individuals who have experience successfully managing diverse teams or with diverse populations.

Primary Responsibilities:

1.  Planning and Development:  The campaign manager, with input from the director of campaigns and the executive director, will be responsible for drafting our St. Paul campaign plan and calendar, and for determining how we can met our goals for this cycle.

2.  Community Engagement:  The campaign manager will track all of the major community events. Specifically s/he will:

  • Create a calendar to track all the community events in St. Paul between now and Election Day;
  • Identify FairVote Minnesotas opportunities to organize staff and volunteers to participate in community events;
  • Work with our partner organizations to implement and track a canvassing program across St. Paul to talk to voters about RCV;
  • Build a comprehensive data set and produce periodic reports updating leadership and funders about our progress during the election.

3.  Candidate Education:  The campaign manager will be responsible for reaching out to and educating every campaign in St. Paul on best practices for running a Ranked Choice Voting campaign.  Specifically s/he will be responsible for:

  • Developing the materials including fact sheets, campaign calculator, example language and talking points;
  • Preparing and conducting campaign trainings to help candidates and their staffs fully understand and utilize RCV.

4.  Communications:  The campaign manager will work with the FairVote Minnesota communications team to draft press releases, op-eds, letters to the editor and other public communications as needed.

5.  Staff hiring and management as needed

6.  Other duties as needed


  • At least one cycle of organizing experience as a field organizer or similar
  • Background in staff management is preferred
  • Knowledge of St. Paul and having St. Paul ties is preferred
  • Interest in Ranked Choice Voting and election issues
  • Strong attention to detail and ability to track multiple projects simultaneously
  • A passion for community engagement and organizing
  • Experience successfully managing diverse teams or with diverse populations

Salary is commensurate with experience. Send resume to michael.crusinberry@fairvotemn.org to apply. Position is open until filled.





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