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RCV a Smashing Success at Duluth City Convention

(Duluth - June 1, 2015) With a majority of delegates registering their approval Sunday for bringing RCV to Duluth the city convention was a smashing success for the Duluth Better Ballot Campaign! the DFL has once again reaffirmed its strong support for Ranked Choice Voting.

Duluth Better Ballot Campaign volunteers covered the convention floor, speaking with delegates about the many improvements RCV can bring to local elections broader participation, greater choice, heightened civility, cost savings for taxpayers and candidates, consensus winners, plus the thoughtfulness and clarity that consensus outcomes foster in governance and collected over 60 new RCV petition signatures, in addition to the dozen of delegate signatures collected before convention day. Delegates expressed pride in the citys longstanding commitment to civic engagement . . . and a desire to make local democracy even stronger and more inclusive.

"It's exciting to see so much energy and enthusiasm around Ranked Choice Voting in Duluth! After this weekend, it's clearer than ever that voters are ready for smarter, more inclusive elections with greater choice and consensus results, said delegate and volunteer Henry Helgen. Duluth has been a stronghold of civic engagement and good government for years, but with RCV we can be even better."

That desire isnt limited to DFL voters: At doorknocks, house parties and community events, weve heard voters from across the political spectrum and from all walks of life say theyre ready for smarter, more substantive, and more representative elections. With over 1,300 signatures, were close to reaching our goal of 1,600 petition signatures by July 1, and momentum continues to grow!

Save the date for the next big event in this historic movement: On Wednesday, June 17, well be celebrating our progress and preparing to take this amazing grassroots campaign to the next level with a party at Clyde Iron Works. The celebration will feature a ranked beer election with entries from several talented local brewers. You wont want to miss it! Watch the DBBC website, Facebook page and Twitter feed for more details.





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