FairVote Minnesota thanks writer Susan Maas for countless contributions

July 7, 2016 -- After six years of countless contributions to FairVote Minnesota and the cause of democracy reform, were sad to bid adieu to longtime writer and editor Susan Maas.

From newsletters to press releases to social media and much, much more, Susan has guided FairVote Minnesota through numerous historic elections, winning campaigns, and successful events. In addition to helping us reach thousands of Minnesotans across the state, her writing has helped us connect with elected officials, donors, and voters about the merits of Ranked Choice Voting and gain their support. FairVote Minnesota would not be the organization it is without her commitment and innate persuasive communications skills.

In addition to her unwavering dedication and versatile, engaging writing, her positive attitude and wit will not be forgotten. Were truly grateful for her commitment to and thoughtful enthusiasm for FairVote Minnesota.

Best wishes, Susan you will be missed!





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