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Vote, then help us continue the push for change

Election Day is tomorrow!

While millions of voters took part in early voting, theres still time to cast your ballot! In fact, Tuesday, November 8 is the official Election Day. Not sure where to vote or what documents to bring if you're a new voter? Vist the Secretary of State's website or Vote.Org they have everything you need to know!

Maine is Poised to Shake Up the Way We Vote

We have an extraordinary opportunity in Maine and we can do it because were standing on your shoulders, noted RCV Maine campaign director Kyle Bailey. Jeanne Massey and FairVote Minnesota has been a considerable resource for Maine, he added at an October fundraiser sponsored by FairVote Minnesota to help push Maine over the finish line in its historic effort to enact RCV statewide. With 59 percent of Maine residents stating in surveys that they believe RCV will give them more voice and power at the ballot box, we are optimistic that Election Day 2016 will give all Americans yet another to remember and thank! the great state of Maine!

Stay up to date on tomorrows outcome here.

Time to Move RCV Forward in Minnesota

With Maine poised to become the first state to adopt RCV statewide, it will be Minnesotas turn to stand on Maines shoulders. Maines victory will help lay the groundwork for Minnesota and other states to follow.

As former St. Paul Mayor Jim Scheibel and current Minneapolis City Council Vice President Elizabeth Glidden said in their recent piece: The Status Quo Has Got to Go in the St. Paul Pioneer Press, Our democracy cannot afford to lose more citizens to indifference or frustration. Our communities and our nation cannot afford more gridlock and stagnation. Minneapolis and St. Paul already lead the nations cities by making ranked-choice voting an effective reality. Lets work together to lead the state and nation in making this positive change for everyone!

Voters across Minnesota are echoing their call. Apple Valley resident Joel Ronningen recently commented, Our system has been broken for a long time. Theres been an invasion of the process by power and money particularly at the national level resulting in no representation of the people. We need to make it easier for regular people to become leaders. I am optimistic that Ranked Choice Voting can make this happen. In fact, I believe its inevitable.

Our country is as bitterly divided today as it was during the Civil War. Reform is desperately needed, preferably without a violent war to force the changes necessary to save our democracy. Ranked Choice Voting represents our best opportunity to bring back civility and substantive campaigns based on critical issues and real ideas from serious civic leaders.

Following Election Day tomorrow, FairVote Minnesota will continue and ramp up our efforts to spread RCV across Minnesota by passing our Local Options bill, which will make it easier to for more communities to make the switch to RCV; supporting cities like Brooklyn Park and St. Louis Park that currently are exploring RCV; and expanding our efforts to educate Minnesotans statewide about RCVs power to fix our broken electoral system. 

Please make a contribution of $10 today to help us fast track RCV in Minnesota.

You may have given financial support to your favorite candidates leading up to this election, but giving that supports structural change in our broken electoral system is the best way to ensure a strong democracy that works for everyone for generations to come. Please donate today!





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