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St. Louis Park

There's a better way to conduct elections: bring Ranked Choice Voting to St. Louis Park!

Why is Ranked Choice Voting right for St. Louis Park? 

In June 2017, the St. Louis Park City Council voted unanimously to eliminate the city's costly, low turnout municipal primary. In only eliminating the primary and not providing for some way to conduct a runoff, the city created a problem. Now, winners in November can fall far short of receiving a majority of voter support. Ranked Choice Voting would fix this problem by allowing voters to rank their preferences on the ballot and conducting an "instant runoff" if no candidate received a majority of first-choice votes.

Under RCV, if no candidate reaches the majority threshold in the initial round, the candidate with the least support is eliminated and ballots for that candidate are reallocated to remaining candidates based on the second preferences on those ballots. This process is repeated until one candidate reaches the winning threshold. 

The 2017 Ward 1 council race was a good case in point. While this race had a primary this year, in future years, it will not and the winning candidate in competitive races like this will not secure the support from a majority of voters as it would under the traditional primary-general election system. RCV ensures candidates with the most popular support win -- and in a single decisive election in November when the turnout is highest and most diverse.

Ranked Choice Voting also: 

  •  Gives voters more choice
  •  Increases voter participation 
  •  Fosters more diverse candidates 
  •  Prevents spoilers and wasted votes
  •  Promotes positive campaigning
  •  Reduces the role of money in campaigns 

RCV was hugely successful again this year in Minneapolis and St. Paul where voters overwhelmingly understand it and prefer it over the old two-round system. The technical upgrades and voter education that are required for RCV already have been made by Minneapolis and Hennepin County, making it easy for St. Louis Park to adopt Ranked Choice Voting and minimize startup costs.

St. Louis Park always has been a leader in promoting more open and inclusive elections. Eliminating the primary and replacing it with RCV would be a great move for our local democracy!

See FAQ for more detailed information about how RCV would work in St. Louis Park. 

See the latest update on the RCV initiative. 

RCV for SLP in the News

How can I get involved? 

The adoption of RCV requires a unanimous vote by the city council and mayor. Here’s how you can help:

How does Ranked Choice Voting work? It's as easy as 1-2-3! 

  1. Rank the candidates in order of preference on the ballot ‐ 1st, 2nd, 3rd choice. The more you rank, the more power your ballot has.
  2. Your second and third choices matter! But they will only be counted if your first choice is eliminated.
  3. You are done! Know your ballot counts the way you truly want it to. 

Who supports Ranked Choice Voting? 

City Councilors





Ward 1 City Councilor Margaret Rog (Find out why here!)









St. Louis Park City Councilor Anne Mavity










Ward 3 City Councilor Rachel Harris (Find out why here!)








St. Louis Park City Councilor Tim Brausen









St. Louis Park City Councilor Thom Miller







Former City Councilors 


Recently retired Ward 1 City Councilor Sue Sanger








Other Elected Officials 



Hennepin County Commissioner Marion Greene









Representative Peggy Flanagan







Senator Ron Latz









Governor Mark Dayton










St. Louis Park native Rebecca Noecker, St. Paul City Councilmember







School Board member Nancy Gores







Community Leaders





Jim Brimeyer, former Mayor and City Councilor







Gail Dorfman, Met Council Member, former Mayor and County Commissioner








Former Human Rights Commissioner Zaylore Stout







Deb Brinkman, League of Women Voters - St. Louis Park








George Beck






Thought Leaders




Tom Friedman





Media and Organizational Supporters



League of Women Voters - Minnesota and St. Louis Park 






Star Tribune



DFL Senate District 46 

     St. Louis Park Human Rights Commission



Sun Sailor






Sierra Club - Northstar Chapter




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