Minneapolis Council corrects IRV amendment, announces timeline to write ballot language

June 30, 2006

The Minneapolis City Council today approved a second version of the Instant Runoff Voting charter amendment, forwarding it to the charter commission for review. The Council resolution stated its intent to act on the best available version of the amendment at its August 4 meeting.

The error in the original amendment was in the section on special elections, in which the filing date was changed from reference to the "primary" election to "general" election. However, it should have been changed to "special" election. The new version makes that change.

The council, in effect, created a new amendment, which is required by state law to go before the charter commission for review. The charter commission's next regularly scheduled meeting is August 2, the date referenced in the city council resolution by which the charter commission needs to complete its review in order for the corrected amendment to be available for council action.

The Better Ballot Campaign expressed concern about submitting a new amendment to the charter commission for a review that might not be completed by the statutory deadline for the council to act on it. In response, the council resolution announced its intent to act on the best available version at its August 4 meeting, either the original version passed on May 26 or the amended version passed on June 30.





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