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SLP Charter Commission Moves Ahead: Recommendation Promised in March


SLP Charter Commission Moves Ahead: Recommendation Promised in March

Good news for RCV fans in St. Louis Park. The Charter Commission has committed to making a recommendation to the City Council no later than March. In the meantime, the Commission will set up a study session to gather information and expert perspectives from Minneapolis, St. Paul, Hennepin County, the Secretary of State’s Office, as well as from the LWV-St. Louis Park and FairVote Minnesota.

They also plan to hold a public hearing to gather public input (please take part!).

A final meeting then will be held for the Commission to discuss what they’ve heard and to make their recommendation to the City Council by the end of March.

We will let you know the date of the first meeting as soon as it is set. Meanwhile, please take a moment to thank the Charter Commission for their efforts to move this process forward in a timely and inclusive way. You can send your thank you note (a little thanks goes a long way!) to the Commission through St. Louis Park city clerk Melissa Kennedy at

And thanks to ALL of you who’ve taken time to write letters and attend meetings. Your participation truly is making a difference!

LWV-St. Louis Park Steps Up

In 2005, the LWV-MN endorsed Ranked Choice Voting for local and state elections, following an exhaustive study of alternative voting methods. Since then, local leagues, including the LWV-Minneapolis and St. Paul, have put that endorsement into action andsupported the initiatives to bring RCV to their communities. 

The LWV-St. Louis Park has been active in advocating RCV here for years and is excited to finally have the opportunity to help make it a reality in St. Louis Park! But they are doing more than just supporting the effort, they are out in front and taking the lead -- attending Charter Commission meetings, writing to local officials, hosting RCV house parties and organizing supporters to make sure their voices are heard.  

FairVote Minnesota is thrilled to partner with the LWV to help bring RCV to St. Louis Park. And with President Deb Brinkman leading the charge, we have no doubt that St. Louis Park voters will soon get to rank their ballots! You can contact Deb at

Have a Friend Who Wants to Learn about RCV? Invite Them To a Pizza Party!   

Do you have a friend (or two) with whom you'd like to share your passion for Ranked Choice Voting in St. Louis Park?  Invite them this coming Tuesday, January 16 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. for a fun evening of sampling and ranking homemade pizzas paired with beer, wine and soda. Along with the delicious ranking fun, you’ll learn about RCV and the effort to bring this more inclusive voting system to St. Louis Park. FairVote Minnesota will be there to present and answer your questions. Please invite your friends and RSVP to as soon as possible so we know how much pizza and beverages to have on hand!

Save the date: Precinct caucuses, Tuesday, Feb. 6  

Across Minnesota, democracy fans will be introducing pro-RCV resolutions at caucuses on February 6. In St. Louis Park, it’s a key opportunity to show the Charter Commission, City Council and Mayor just how much support there is for RCV here! We’ll soon be sending out an email about caucuses generally, and an email next week just to all of you about caucusing in St. Louis Park.

Please mark your calendars and be ready to caucus for RCV on Tuesday, Feb. 6 (7 p.m.). Stay tuned for an email next week: we’ll send you resolutions to introduce and sign up forms to gather signatures of support!

Share the 2017 RCV Success Story!  

You know by now that 2017 was a hugely successful year for RCV in the Twin Cities – and now you can share the story! The FairVote Minnesota team has compiled and analyzed every race to provide a fascinating and detailed report of election results, in addition to our exit poll findings and candidate and voter testimony! Find it on our website (spoiler alert: RCV exceeded every expectation and was proven, once again, to be easy to use and very popular among voters and candidates!).

Thank You, Sue Sanger!

After many years of bold and trailblazing leadership, Sue Sanger has stepped down from representing Ward 1 on the St. Louis Park City Council. Sue was elected to the council in 1995 and was a strong advocate for her constituents, combining vision and tenacity on their behalf. She also served as an employment lawyer at General Mills from 1983 until 2007 after graduating from William Mitchell College of Law (now Mitchell Hamline). Among her votes in her final year as a councilmember was one to advance Ranked Choice Voting for municipal elections in St. Louis Park. Sue is a passionate and articulate advocate of Ranked Choice Voting and we look forward to working with her in her new capacity as an active citizen to help get RCV adopted in St. Louis Park this year. We thank Sue for her leadership and congratulate her for a long and distinguished career!

Your LWV-SLP and FairVote Minnesota Team



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