Let’s Make Ranked Choice Voting a Major Priority at the 2018 Caucuses & Conventions in Minnesota! 

While dysfunction and polarization continue to dominate national political headlines, we know that innovation and meaningful change begin at the local level. Forging an inclusive election system is all about showing up, listening, educating and guiding the conversation to ensure that Ranked Choice Voting becomes a priority for candidates and voters! That’s why we've identified having a strong presence and robust conversations at Minnesota caucuses and conventions in 2018 as a top FairVote Minnesota goal. 

Please join your fellow Ranked Choice Voting supporters by attending caucuses and becoming delegates to your senate or county district, Congressional district, and state conventions.

Working together, we can ensure that RCV not only remains a core part of party platforms but also becomes a top priority conversation in the gubernatorial, legislative and other state offices. We want candidates not only to support RCV but talk about it, and make it a priority reform they will help enact if elected.  

RCV is proven to increase voter engagement, elect candidates with broad popular support, eliminate spoiler and wasted vote dynamics, and create more civil and issue-focused campaigns. It offers a real response to our increasingly polarizing politics and is the foundation upon which we can make progress on other critical issues – from education to health to the environment to immigration and so much more. 

Using our collective voices at the grassroots level is the best possible route to expanding RCV in Minnesota, locally and at the state level – and it’s at the core of what Ranked Choice Voting is all about: “More Choice. More Power.”

Make sure your voice is heard at every stage in the caucusing process, starting on February 6 and ending at your state convention in early June. Democracy reformers not only show up, they go the distance to get the job done!


  • To find out about your party caucuses.
  • To download resolutions.
  • To get started in making 2018 the year of #RankedChoiceVoting!

Attending your caucus is an easy, fun way to get involved with local democracy and to make sure that your voice is heard. 

If you're new to caucuses or would like a refresher, we'll be providing training on Jan. 25 and Feb. 1 at 6:30 p.m. The link above provides all the details. 

Thank you on behalf of the entire FairVote Minnesota team. We look forward to seeing you at caucuses! 

P.S. Contact FairVote Minnesota Field Director Karl Landskroener if you have any questions.  Karl.Landskroener@FairVoteMN.org.