• Jeff Peterson

    , Chair

    "Ranked Choice Voting leads to better governance. Leaders with a true mandate are more accountable to voters. And more people turn out to vote when they believe their voice will be heard."

    Mr. Peterson deeply understands the political process thanks to his many years spent as government relations director at Ecolab in St. Paul. Since retiring, this Minneapolis resident has lent his professional expertise to several outstanding non-profit organizations on both sides of the river including the History Theatre, Citizens League, Project 515, and Minnesotans United PAC.

  • Adam Vetvick

    , Treasurer

    “Voting is the number one way citizens make their concerns known. With RCV there’s a much greater chance that everyone’s choice will be heard.” 
    This St. Paul native has worked to promote social justice since college, eventually earning a law degree from The John Marshall Law School where he focused on voting, election, and local government law. Mr. Vetvick worked in Chicago and Washington, D.C. before returning to Minnesota to practice financial litigation law. He also provides legal support to people with low incomes and works as a panel attorney with the Guardian ad Litem program where he helps advocate for children’s best interests in abuse and neglect cases. 

  • Roann Cramer

    , Secretary

    “Democracy works better when we all participate.  Ranked Choice Voting enables majority winners giving everyone a voice in electing leadership."
    Ms. Cramer puts her management and critical skills to work on behalf of Ameriprise Financial as a project manager and business analyst. She’s the former chair of Senate District DFL 61. Cramer also lent her expertise to the 2006 Minneapolis Better Ballot Campaign, as well as 2009 and 2013 voter education campaigns in volunteer capacities. She also has worked on several candidate and issue campaigns.

  • Siyad Abdullahi

    “Not only does RCV encourage more people to vote, it promotes more diverse representation as people of color become more viable candidates.” 
    This tireless business and civic leader is a public health physician, health care entrepreneur, and consultant. A Kenyan-born ethnic Somali, Dr. Adbullahi created the “Reflections of New Minnesotans” radio program on AM950. He serves on numerous nonprofit boards and brings a passion for expanding democracy to historically underrepresented communities in Minnesota. His expertise, his strong, diverse connections, and his understanding of Ranked Choice Voting’s potential to broaden political participation and improve government representation of new Americans makes Abdullahi a tremendous advocate for voting reform.

  • Terri Bonoff

    Terri Bonoff

    Terri Bonoff served as a MN State Senator from 2005-2016. Prior to her Senate service, she had a business career working at Jackson Graves, a women’s retail specialty chain, before moving on to Tonka Toys as manager of promotional services. She then served as VP/GM for the computer products division of Navarre Corporation.
    As senator, Terri made education a major focus of her work. As chair of the Minnesota Senate Higher Education and Workforce Development Committee she championed legislation to create the Minnesota PIPELINE Project which expands dual training and apprenticeship programs in Minnesota in emerging and high-demand occupations by partnering employers and students. This program was featured two separate times in Forbes as a nation-leading and innovative approach to address student debt and the skills gap.
    Bonoff currently resides in both Minnetonka and Atlanta as a result of her husband joining Delta Airlines. Based on the success of the MN PIPELINE Project, she joined Georgia Tech CEISMC to launch an Atlanta-based PIPELINE Project to serve Atlanta youth.

  • Gail Dorfman

    "As a former elected official, I'm a strong advocate for Ranked Choice Voting because I believe that majority support promotes better governance and that it's also the answer to restoring civility in our elections. With RCV, we can have real dialogue about real issues!”
    Ending homelessness is the focus of Gail Dorfman’s work and her professional passion. She’s executive director of St. Stephen’s Human Services and also serves on the Metropolitan Council. Dorfman served for 14 years as the Hennepin County Commissioner representing District 3. She led numerous initiatives aimed at ending homelessness, including creating the Hennepin County Affordable Housing Incentive Fund, leading the Heading Home Hennepin Collaborative, and launching Project Homeless Connect. Prior to serving on the Hennepin County Commission, Dorfman served the city of St. Louis Park as a city councilor and, later, as mayor. She holds a master’s degree in public administration from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.

  • Robin Garwood

    “True choice is lacking with a plurality system that promotes an ‘either/or’ voting mentality. Ranked Choice Voting is proven to change that dynamic, giving third and fourth parties an equal spot on ballots.” 
    This Minneapolis City Council aide is a former steering committee member for the Minneapolis/5th District Green Party.

  • Maureen Reed

    “Ranked Choice Voting is an excellent way to focus on the issues, reduce the toxic rhetoric, and give all of us a bigger voice. It’s very energizing for me to have the chance to serve on the FairVote Minnesota board and work on this really important matter."

    With years of medical practice, nonprofit leadership, university governance and political experience, Maureen Reed brings valuable expertise and perspective to the FairVote Minnesota board. She also brings deep passion for making democracy work better through the use of Ranked Choice Voting.

    A physician by training, Maureen previously served as medical director and vice president at HealthPartners, as a regent of the University of Minnesota, and as executive director of the Nobel Peace Prize Forum. Her interest in democracy has been punctuated by a run for statewide political office, participation on the Governor’s Health Care Transformation Task Force, and service as an election judge in Washington County. She currently teaches leadership at Gustavus Adolphus College and the University of Minnesota Undergraduate Honors Program.

  • Christopher Smith

    “Candidates save on campaign costs with RCV since it’s counterproductive to sling mud at opponents on expensive television commercials."

    When he is not protecting the assets and future earnings of his clients at Cox Insurance Associates, Christopher Smith serves on the Sub-Committee At-Large for Outreach with the St. Paul DFL. He has also volunteered for numerous political and issue campaigns during the past decade, most recently serving on St. Paul City Council member Rebecca Noecker's campaign team.

  • Jack Uldrich

    "It is not enough that every vote counts. Every vote must count for as much as possible. RCV helps achieve this worthy goal and has the added benefit of making our elections and our communities stronger in the process.”
    Don’t try to put Jack Uldrich in a box. He’s a global futurist, speaker, bestselling author, and the former chair of the Independence Party of Minnesota. He’s served as an adviser to Fortune 500 companies and spoken to hundreds of businesses and organizations about emerging technologies and trends. His work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, the Futurist, the Star Tribune, and numerous other regional and national periodicals. Uldrich has also been a guest on CNN, MSNBC, and NPR

  • Bao Vang

    “Ranked Choice Voting motivates candidates to address issues of concern to the Hmong community and other communities of color. Leaders from our community also are more likely to seek office when RCV is used.” 
    Bao Vang is president and CEO of the Hmong American Partnership and former board member of the Professional Hmong Women Association. A long time St. Paul resident, Vang is a frequent speaker on issues relating to the Asian American community.

  • Jim Watkins

    “I’m a big believer in more choice for voters. With Ranked Choice Voting, the spoiler issue is eliminated and third party candidates have an equal chance. This makes democracy stronger for everyone.”
    Whether he’s inspiring young students to learn math or creating craft cider, Jim Watkins is determined to make a difference. Watkins is cofounder and managing director of development at Sociable Cider Werks, the Twin Cities’ first craft cidery. This magna cum laude graduate of Carleton College studied economics with concentrations in Spanish and political economy and then worked in Citibank’s sales and trading division in New York City.  He later joined the 2009 teaching corps with Teach for America in Miami. In 2010 Watkins was nominated for Miami-Dade County Rookie Teacher of the Year. An avid outdoorsman, Watkins also is passionate about civic life and political engagement.