Yes. RCV is an instant runoff system that compels candidates in a single-seat race to campaign toward a majority of voters and win with broad popular support. In a multi-seat race, RCV ensures majority rule while also providing opportunity for minority representation.

Regarding the concern that RCV does not produce majority winners, the winner (in a single-seat race) is always the candidate with the majority of continuing ballots in the final round, if not of the total ballots cast. Some ballots may be exhausted before the final round of counting if that voter chose not to rank either of the final two candidates; in that case, the winner may not receive a majority of total initial ballots cast. 

Voters are encouraged to rank as many preferences as they have and some will choose to rank only one or two choices. This is a voter’s preference, and should not be misconstrued that the voter did not understand the system or have their vote counted. The ballot counted the way the voter wanted it to be counted.