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Upcoming Events

Democracy Town Hall Series, co-hosted w/ Clean Elections MN

Sundays, February 21, 28, and March 14, 21, and 28, at 4PM.


“What must be done to strengthen our democracy?”

Join FairVote MN and Clean Elections MN as we answer that question through a statewide, month-long, Democracy Town Hall Tour.

Together we will explore solutions such as Ranked Choice Voting, campaign finance reform, fighting voter suppression, redistricting and more. Join us in your region and get plugged in to the movement.

N & E Metro – 2/21. Special Guest: Attorney General Keith Ellison
S MN & S Metro – 2/28. Special Guest: Congresswoman Angie Craig
Greater MN – 3/14. Special Guest: Secretary of State Steve Simon
N & W Metro – 3/21. Special Guest: Congressman Dean Phillips and Secretary of State Steve Simon
Minneapolis Metro – 3/28. Special Guest: Congresswoman Ilhan Omar and Secretary of State Steve Simon

Women Leading Democracy Forward

Tuesday, April 6, 5pm; presented by Best Buy


Women Leading Democracy Forward will bring together Professor Danielle Allen – renowned political theorist and Director of Harvard’s EJ Safra Center for Ethics – MN Senate Asst. Minority Leader Melisa Franzen, and MN House Asst. Majority Leader Kelly Morrison for an important discussion about the breakdown of our democratic institutions, how women are playing a key role in strengthening those institutions, and how we can reform our system to enable more women to lead – by running and winning for public office.

Taking Back Our Hijacked Democracy

Tuesday, April 13, 7pm; hosted by Clean Elections MN and Plymouth Area Indivisible.


We hope you join Taking Back Our Hijacked Democracy for a conversation with David Litt, author of Democracy in One Book or Less–How It Works, Why It Doesn’t, and Why Fixing It Is Easier Than You Think.

The event is open to the public and free.

In his book, Litt provides a sweeping view of the US political system, from our first election—of John Smith in 1607—into the 45th presidency. Along the way he explores the obstacles that have arisen to thwart our journey toward a government of, by, and for the people—including the varied means of restricting the franchise, gerrymandering, the Electoral College, the impact of money on campaigns and legislation, and the imbalance in representation inherent in the structure of the Senate.

His solutions incorporate a faith (buttressed by statistics) that the electorate is less polarized than the two major political parties. According to an early review in The Washington Post, Litt’s book is a “rollicking read about [an] important topic.” (Litt is at once a serious researcher and a gifted story-teller with a wicked sense of humor.)

The conversation will be guided by Dave Hage, who won a Pulitzer Prize as a reporter for the Minneapolis StarTribune.

FairVote Minnesota frequently conducts training and informational sessions for community groups. If you’d like to schedule one contact us at info@fairvotemn.org.

Past Events

Black Leaders at the Forefront of Democracy Reform

Tuesday, March 23


University of Minnesota Professor and FairVote MN Board Member Dr. Michael Minta, one of the country’s leading experts in the study of the political representation of African American interests in the United States, will moderate an all-star panel of Attorney and human rights activist Zaylore Stout, Community Change Organizer Mike Griffin, and some of the leading reform advocates at the state legislature, including Rep. Cedrick Frazier, Rep. Esther Agbaje, Rep. Hodan Hassan, Rep. Athena Hollins, and Rep. Mohamud Noor.

This expert panel will explore ways we can reform our democracy so that all citizens are empowered and fully represented and discuss how Ranked Choice Voting, among other reforms, can meet the challenges of systemic racism.

Fighting for Our Democracy with Secretary of State Steve Simon

December 27, 2020

Amazing! More than 100 people joined us on December 27th for our special zoom event, Fighting for our Democracy with Special Guest Secretary of State Steve Simon.

Secretary Simon outlined the unique challenges posed by holding an election during a once in a century pandemic and how despite those challenges, we achieved close to 80% voter turnout — the highest in the nation and the highest voter turnout in Minnesota in 64 years! Thank you to Secretary Simon and our election workers — and Minnesta voters — for persevering to achieve this result…

A Tale of Two Crises: Political Polarization and COVID-19 with Dr. Michael Osterholm and Andy Slavitt

September 30, 2020

On Wednesday, September 30th, more than 300 people from around the country logged in to join FairVote Minnesota’s event, A Tale of Two Crises: Political Polarization and Covid-19.

The conversation made clear that political polarization and leadership failures have made consistent, collaborative action on the virus difficult, if not impossible, and Ranked Choice Voting is among the most promising reforms to address that polarization given its viability and track record…

Creating a Racially Just Democracy with Danielle Allen, Stephen Heintz and Sondra Samuels

August 27, 2020

Wow! More than 400 people tuned in on Thursday to join our event, Creating a Racially Just Democracy. Many of you were inspired by the hopeful message of our expert panel — that we can join together with common purpose and reform our government so it is responsive to the people and addresses the challenges of racial injustice.

Danielle Allen and Stephen Heintz, co-chairs of the Commission on the Practice of Democratic Citizenship, a project of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences, joined Sondra Samuels, President and CEO of the Northside Achievement Zone (NAZ) to discuss the Commission’s Report on America’s declining political institutions, recommendations to strengthen our democracy, and ways in which these reforms can help create a more racially inclusive and responsive government…

Polarization in a Time of Crisis with Dr. Lee Drutman and Congressman Dean Phillips

May 21, 2020

Over 400 people tuned in on May 6 to hear from national leaders about dangers facing our democracy and what we can do about it.

Polarization in a Time of Crisis, with author and award-winning political scientist Lee Drutman and U.S. Congressman Dean Phillips, was well attended and hugely successful!

These two national leaders joined FairVote MN Executive Director Jeanne Massey, Board Member Dr. Michael Osterholm, and business leader Marilyn Carlson Nelson for a vibrant conversation about how political polarization is standing in the way of an effective public response to the pandemic crisis and nearly every other issue facing our nation. They agreed that Ranked Choice Voting is one of the most powerful, proven reforms to fix what is broken in our democracy…

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