Hello again St. Paul friends, 

The fight to preserve Ranked Choice Voting in St. Paul continues, and your help is crucial. We cannot allow a small group of threatened political operatives to subvert RCV through backdoor tactics. These are the same partisan insiders who fought the switch to RCV in 2009.

Now they’re scheming to put RCV up for a repeal vote by a decision of as few as 8 members of the unelected Charter Commission. Since the Charter Commission is not accountable to voters, the typical petition and public education process is upended.

Join FairVote Minnesota in making sure that RCV is preserved as-is at the next Charter Commission meeting on March 27! It’s critical that we show up en masse to communicate our staunch support for RCV and the rights of St. Paul voters who said “Yes!” to RCV in 2009.

We need to make sure opponents don't get 8 votes - they need a majority of the Commission to pass a repeal proposal.  

What to do:

1.  Add March 27 at 4:30 p.m. to your calendar and recruit at least one friend or neighbor to come with you to this critical meeting of the Charter Commission. The meeting will be held in Room 40 A&B in the basement at St. Paul City Hall within the Ramsey County Courthouse (15 Kellogg Blvd West). Stay tuned for more details.

2.  Email Commission members and cc us at info@fairvotemn.org. We will forward all messages along to the secretary of the Commission once one is assigned. This is important to ensure that all email messages are entered into the official record. Click here for suggested talking points and contact information for the Commissioners.

3. March with us on Friday in the St. Paul St. Patrick's Day Parade to show the city how strongly RCV is supported! Join us in the line up at 11:30 a.m. on Friday (March 17) at the corner of Wacouta and 5th St. E -- we're #58 in the line! Then stick around for a glass of green beer! 

4. Use social media to communicate about this critical issue. Use the hashtags #SaveRCV and #ResistTheRepeal to spread the word. Follow us @fairvotemn to join the conversation.

5. Reach out to elected officials. It’s crucial that all St. Paul council members, mayor, and mayoral candidates help put the brakes on this anti-democratic move. Several, but not all, have voiced support for RCV, and they all need to know how important this issue is to St. Paul voters. Contact them and urge them to tell the Charter Commission to “Stop the effort to repeal RCV in St. Paul!”

6. Apply to become a Charter Commission member to protect RCV, not just against this immediate threat, but also for the long term. Click here to apply.

What’s at stake:

If RCV opponents succeed, a repeal measure will appear on the ballot at the same time that St. Paul voters use RCV for the first time in an open mayoral contest. This unwarranted RCV challenge would be a huge disservice to St. Paul voters and impact their ability to use the relatively new system.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to making our democracy stronger!

The FairVote Minnesota team