2015 Best Picture Poll

As Minneapolis and St. Paul - and numerous other cities across the country - are proving, Ranked Choice Voting turns in an outstanding performance every time. Thats why, since 2010, the Academy of Motion Pictures uses this smarter, more broadly representative voting system to choose the years Best Picture.

What movies did you love best in 2014? Rank your favorites with our 2015 RCV Best Picture poll and be sure to share it with your film buff and democracy reformer friends!

Under the old system, a film that most voters disliked could win with a tiny plurality. Allowing Academy members to rank films in order of preference ensures that the winner has broader, deeper support. See how your choices this year match up with the Academys the 87th annual awards ceremony takes place Sunday, Feb. 22!

Click here for more information about Ranked Choice Voting at the Oscars.