Authored on October 09, 2002

FairVote Minnesota has joined two coalitions whose purposes are to achieve greater accountability from elected officials and increased voter turnout, particularly among young adults.

Minnesotans for Fair And Clean Elections

Minnesotans for Fair And Clean Elections (FACE) is a coalition of over 60 organizations, led by League of Women Voters of Minnesota, Common Cause Minnesota, and Minnesota Alliance for Progressive Action. The coalition calls for campaign finance reform by 1) creating a system of public financing for campaigns, 2) limiting soft money contributions to political parties, and 3) providing campaigns with funds to respond to independent expenditures. The intent is to curb undue influence of special interests and put a lid on the growth of campaign expenditures. The Minnesota effort was inspired by similar initiatives which succeeded in Maine and Arizona. The Minnesota effort's website is .

Youth Vote

Youth Vote is a national coalition with 13 organizations represented on its board and another 80 national organizational members. The coalition aims to 1) increase political and civic participation among young people, 2) build inclusive, accountable, and responsive government, and 3) increase public awareness of the value of participation in democracy through the electoral process. The state level coalition includes organizations representing students, African-Americans, women, and others.

In both cases, the FairVote Minnesota board saw these efforts as consistent with the organization's vision for better democracy. Involvement in these coalitions will expand FairVote Minnesota's outreach and establish or strengthen relationships with organizations that have a common vision for greater accountability and increased participation. For further information, see