Authored on March 01, 2019
Group of 6 people smiling together and wearing t-shirts that say Rank Your Vote

Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) is essential to giving voters more choice and power while combating harmful extremism and the hyper-partisanship, polarization, and cynicism plaguing our politics.

FairVote Minnesota works to bring this critical reform to voters across the state. This year, we are working to expand RCV in multiple cities throughout the state, pass an RCV local options bill in the legislature, and expand the presence of RCV in the media, and train candidates and their teams running in St. Paul in 2019. We will also be educating voters in St. Paul and St. Louis Park to prepare them to rank their vote on Election Day!

In 2019 FairVote Minnesota is hiring four part-time community organizers, through our Communities of Color RCV Fellowship, to conduct direct outreach and education to voters in targeted St. Paul communities in preparation for the Ranked Choice Voting elections this November.

Fellows are emerging organizers who will spend the first few weeks of the fellowship developing experience doing community outreach. Over the course of the program, fellows will have the opportunity to hone their volunteer recruitment as well as voter contact skills. Fellows will be gradually given more opportunities to take on organizing responsibilities.

Work will begin upon hire and last through Election Day. Work will also include support for the RCV Local Options bill. We specifically are seeking people those who have experience working in the Somali, Hmong, Latino, and African American communities and respective language speaking abilities.

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