Authored on June 29, 2020

To the editor:

As a community organizer and 10-year resident of Bloomington, I would like to see city leaders work with residents to make changes that will make our city a better place for people of color.

For example, the city council and charter commission are considering putting ranked-choice voting on the ballot for voters in November. I hope they do, and I hope it passes.

Ranked-choice voting can help improve representation of people of color and the issues they care about. It eliminates the low-turnout local primary and encourages new, diverse candidates to run and have their voices heard through November when voter turnout is higher and more diverse. Other cities using ranked-choice voting have seen increases in diverse candidates and voter participation.

I hear people say ranked-choice voting is confusing. It’s not. It’s simpler because there is just one election, and we just pick which candidate is our first, second or third choice.

Bloomington can be a leader in making our democracy more inclusive and representative. I hope we take it.

Yahye Mohamed