Authored on November 17, 2019

To the editor:

Congratulations to mayor-elect Tim Busse, new at-large city council member Jenna Carter and returning council members Dwayne Lowman and Shawn Nelson.

While the races weren’t as contentious as state and federal races have been, the polarization was noticeable. Considering how gridlocked and incapable of compromise the state and federal governments are, let’s take action to reduce political tension at the local level.

Cities across the United States, including St. Louis Park, have implemented ranked-choice voting, and they’ve seen a decrease in negative campaigning and an increase in voter satisfaction.

RCV increases participation by candidates willing to invest themselves in a campaign where they have more time to make their case to a broad spectrum of voters, and by voters who have more than just two choices given to them through an expensive, low-turnout primary process.

We look forward to working with the city council, Charter Commission and Bloomington voters to bring RCV to our local elections.

For more information about RCV and upcoming presentations, visit

Laura Calbone

Marcia Wattson