Authored on October 27, 2019


To the editor:

One of the most important issues to me is fixing our broken, divisive electoral system, and it starts right here in our community.

I believe ranked-choice voting is the solution to increasing political polarization. In a voting paradigm of lesser-of-two-evils decision-making, we need a way for voters to actively support what they want, rather than just avoid what they really don’t want. Ranked-choice voting creates a voting structure that empowers residents to vote their ideals without worrying their vote will “go to waste” on a candidate that otherwise wouldn’t win. Ranked-choice voting encourages votes along a spectrum of ideas rather than consolidating votes at opposing poles.

I’m excited that Bloomington is talking about adopting ranked-choice voting for local elections, and I’m supporting candidates who have said they would put this election reform on the ballot for voters to decide: Tim Busse, Jenna Carter, Dwayne Lowman and Shawn Nelson.

Ranked-choice voting in Bloomington would mean we could get rid of the low turnout, unrepresentative primaries and hold just one election in November. It’s so much simpler for voters and cheaper for taxpayers. I’d love to see all the candidates on the general election ballot, rank my choices and feel my vote always counts.

Tim Hannemann