The Minneapolis Charter Commission met on August 2nd to consider for a second time the Instant Runoff Voting Charter Amendment in order to make a minor correction in the amendment. 

Opponents unsuccessfully attempted to modfiy the amendment to exclude  the independent boards (Park Board, Library Board and Board of Estimate and Taxation) from the proposal. But they outnumbered supporters 8 to 7 in rejecting the charter amendment approved by the City Council on May 26th.

Votes in support of the charter amendment: Todd Ferrara, Sue Ponsford, Marshall Lichty, Tyrone Bujold, Ian Stade, Andrea Rubenstein and Aaron Street.

Votes against the amendment: Jim Bernstein, Barry Lazarus, Barry Clegg, Corbin Connell, Margaret Dolan, John Klassan, Jana Metge and Kristy Remme. 

The Minneapolis City Council will now consider the ballot language for the Instant Runoff Voting Charter Amendment this Friday, August 4th.

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