FairVote MN launches first-in-nation RCV campaign training 

Ranked Choice Voting not only gives voters more choice and more power, it also gives candidates strong motivation to reach beyond their traditional voter base. Candidates running in Minneapolis and St. Paul municipal races this November recently learned how to build winning coalitions under RCV as part of the first-ever training program focused on this important topic, thanks to FairVote Minnesota. We created the unique RCV campaign training in collaboration with Wellstone Action. Our goal: changing the campaign culture that has left many voters feeling alienated and disenfranchised.

“FairVote Minnesota is on the frontlines of showcasing to candidates and voters the benefits of campaigns that focus on solutions and civil discourse,” said FairVote Minnesota Executive Director Jeanne Massey. “Our new training is scalable and can be used in other cities and states with RCV.”

More than 60 participants – candidates, campaign staffers and volunteers – enthusiastically took part in the Minnesota training on May 19-20, with many participants expressing the desire for the training to go even deeper on the specifics of building winning coalitions. RCV advocates from California to New Mexico to Maine also attended to learn campaign best practices under RCV. 

Kyle Bailey, who led the successful Maine RCV campaign, was among the trainees. He commented that "FairVote Minnesota's candidate and campaign training conducted with Wellstone was an excellent refresher on how to run values-based campaigns. Getting to your win number is just as important in a Ranked Choice Voting election as it is in a First Past The Post election. The difference is in how you get there.

“With Ranked Choice Voting, you need to run civil, issue focused campaigns that build bridges and bring people together. Dividing and conquering your way to the finish line just won't work with Ranked Choice Voting. We're excited about the possibility of bringing this training and others like it to Maine to educate candidates on how to run smart and strategic campaigns in Ranked Choice Voting elections,” he said.

"I'm glad FairVote Minnesota had this training. I can now see more clearly the value of Ranked Choice Voting; it actively discourages bashing one's opponents, and rewards focusing on shared values and building bridges across groups. I am even more supportive of Ranked Choice Voting after this training," added Canan Karatekin, who participated as a campaign team member for one of the candidates.

For more information about running under RCV, visit RankYourVote.org.

Help Advance RCV at TCV Pride, June 24-25! 

Ranked Choice Voting and Twin Cities Pride go together like rainbows and flags. Twin Cities Pride is a perfect time for you to share your passion for RCV, while being part of one of the biggest and most joyous outreach opportunities of the year!

With the upcoming competitive RCV municipal elections in Minneapolis and St. Paul, the pending Local Options bill, and more Minnesota cities like St. Louis Park exploring voting reform, reaching Minnesota voters is more critical than ever.

There’s no easier or more enjoyable way to speak up for something you care deeply about than to take part in Twin Cities Pride! Please join us at our information booth for a few hours on June 24 or 25.

Enjoy time outdoors, connect with old friends, make new ones, and help advance democracy reform. Shifts are flexible, and as past Pride volunteers can attest, you’ll have a great time too!

Contact info@fairvotemn.org to sign up or learn more.

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No time to volunteer? You still can support RCV by donating to expand our summer education program. Your contribution of $25, $50 or $100 – or whatever amount you can contribute – will go a long way toward helping reach voters in every corner of Minneapolis and St. Paul before Election Day!

2017 Best of the Wurst: Get Your Tickets Now! 

With summer officially launched, it’s not too early to snag your tickets to the tastiest event of summer: Best of the Wurst, our foodie fest featuring unique, scrumptious wurst creations from nearly three dozen top local restaurants. The event takes place Sunday, September 17. If last year is any indication, tickets will go quickly. So gather your friends (personal Facebook invitations are a great way to spread the word!) and buy your tickets now.