Letter to the Editor

Pioneer Press / Oct. 30, 2015

As a longtime advocate for Ranked Choice Voting in St. Paul and a Ward 2 resident, I would like to congratulate the candidates and campaigns in my ward for the substantive and issue-focused campaigns I've had the pleasure to observe. I have always seen that a great benefit of RCV is the incentive it provides toward positive campaigning.

So I am incredibly disappointed to see that some outside groups continue to view personal attacks through the mail as their most effective way to advance their viewpoint. Especially under RCV, my fear is that the negative messages I have received will create a backlash against the candidate they want to support, while also discouraging voters and suppressing turnout. 

I'm looking forward to ranking my vote on Nov. 3 and hope to do so based on the positive vision candidates directly present me rather than shadowy attacks from third parties in the mail.

Ellen T. Brown, St. Paul