June 6, 2016 (Minneapolis) -- Tensions ran high at the June 4th DFL State Convention with the delegate body divided between Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.  However, there was one issue that the body stood united around: Ranked Choice Voting (RCV).

With this long, arduous primary season perfectly encompassing why election reform is badly needed, FairVote Minnesota was present at caucuses and conventions across the state to educate and garner support for RCV. By June 4, more than 3,000 convention-goers had signed up to affirm or show their support for a more open and inclusive democracy. Support for RCV a staple in the DFL platform since 2008 was stronger than ever.

As Secretary of State Steve Simon expressed heading into the State Convention, "Ranked Choice Voting is a more fair and just system for voters. It's exactly what [voters have] been wanting for years." And long-time supporter Senator Scott Dibble reminded his fellow DFLers of how crucial RCV is to heal our broken democracy. "Politics of resentment and division threaten to polarize us, he said. RCV is a key mechanism to return civil and tolerant discourse to our democracy."

FairVote Minnesota applauds the DFL for its leadership on election reform and for continuing to champion crucial reforms like Ranked Choice Voting.

In addition to support from the DFL, RCV is also endorsed by the Independence Party, the Green Party and the Libertarian Party. FairVote Minnesota is a nonprofit, nonpartisan public interest group leading the initiative for RCV in Minnesota.