FairVote Minnesota Internships:

Spring/Summer  2017


About FairVote Minnesota

Would you like to be a part of a movement for a better democracy? Political dysfunction is deeper and more pervasive than ever.  Extremism, polarization, divisiveness, negative campaigning, voter alienation – it’s all there, and you can help stop it. Ranked Choice Voting is essential to giving voters more choice and power in combatting minority rule and the hyper-partisanship, polarization, spoiler concerns and cynicism plaguing our politics.

FairVote Minnesota is a nonpartisan organization working to bring this critical reform to voters across the state. This year, we are working to expand RCV in multiple cities throughout the state, pass an RCV local options bill in the legislature, expand the visibility of RCV in the media, and train candidates and their teams running in Minneapolis and St. Paul in 2017 in RCV campaigning principles.


Join us in making democracy reform a reality!

We have several internship opportunities this spring/summer:


General Interns

FairVote Minnesota’s interns will be responsible for assisting the Director of Campaigns and all relevant staff in executing tasks critical to the advancement of our mission. These tasks will be assigned based on urgency and importance of the needs to the organization, as well as the intern’s strengths, skills, and interests.


Minneapolis and St. Paul Education Interns

Minneapolis and St Paul voters will be using RCV for the 3rd time in 2017. And in St. Paul, news that Mayor Coleman will not be seeking a 4th term has triggered a growing number of announcements by hopeful successors that they’ll run for mayor. Minneapolis also will have a competitive multi-candidate mayoral and several council races. It’s a big year ahead in the Twin Cities and a real opportunity to see RCV in action!  Minnesota’s largest cities will be in the national spotlight and we’re committed to ensuring that the election goes off without a hitch. FairVote Minnesota needs to be on the front lines of voter education in both cities. We’re seeking interns for:

  • Tabling at Mpls and St. Paul events  

  • Coordinating educational events  

  • Developing RCV materials  

  • Training volunteers  

  • Coordinating and participating in door-to-door efforts  

  • Making presentations to community groups  

  • Being a friendly, helpful ambassador of Ranked Choice Voting


Event Interns

Event interns are responsible for assisting in identifying and staffing community and political events at which FairVote Minnesota can spread the word about Ranked Choice Voting. Responsibilities include identifying appropriate events, determining the cost of participation, and assisting in planning and staffing targeted events.


Field Interns

Field interns are responsible for assisting in outreach and field canvassing needs. They will work to create new -- and deepen existing -- volunteer relationships critical to the success of FairVote Minnesota’s mission. The field intern also will assist in developing and executing the organization’s field plan, assist in relevant database management, and document field activities.


Data Management Interns

Data management interns are responsible for assisting with the management and use of FairVote Minnesota’s database system and for ongoing data entry needs. The database intern will work with FairVote Minnesota staff to cultivate, structure, and refine data, as well as assist in database management.


Desired Qualifications

  • Passionate about democracy reform and open to learning about Ranked Choice Voting.

  • Attendance at events as needed

  • Excellent communications skills

  • Experience in database management for those desiring to be a data management intern

  • Strong organizational skills with the ability to multi-task and prioritize requests

  • Flexible, motivated, and able to work in a virtual office setting

  • Access to reliable vehicle/transportation


Additional Details

These internships are ideal for high school and college students interested in political science, electoral reform, political campaigns, political communications and related fields. Each internship is approximately 10 hours per week. Internships are unpaid but with options for college credit. Training will be provided for all interns and attendance at occasional meetings may be requested.


To Apply

Please send a brief cover letter and resume to info@fairvotemn.org. Be sure to indicate which internship(s) you are interested in and the months you are able to work.