Krist Novoselic Rocks at Ranked Choice Voting Events


Weve always known that Ranked Choice Voting rocks; last week, we had an actual rock star visit Minnesota to confirm it. Nirvana bass guitarist, FairVote (national) board chair, and democracy champion Krist Novoselic came to Minneapolis and Duluth to talk about RCV and its power to transform elections for the better. 

Politics right now is really distressing: theres so much negativity, its so polarized, theres so much partisanship. I believe in a lot of things strongly, but I dont believe in partisanship, Novoselic said to a packed room of music mavens and democracy buffs at Sociable Cider Werks Oct. 1. RCV brings an incentive to be positive.


Novoselic was introduced by Secretary of State Steve Simon, who spoke about RCVs tendency to curb attack campaigning and foster more constructive political dialogue. 


RCV provides disincentives to carpet-bomb your opponents. And it provides incentives to talk substantively about issues, about whats really on voters minds, Simon said. Which in turn has an effect, particularly, on young voters, who dont see many of us who are in public office as talking to them, or about them, or about concerns that impact them.


Simon was the original author of the RCV local options bill when he served in the Minnesota Legislature. The bill would give cities the freedom and flexibility to use RCV if they choose. Cities in Minnesota should be able to experiment with Ranked Choice Voting without coming on bended knee to bow and scrape before the Legislature, Simon said. This is Minnesota in 2015.


Huge thanks to Novoselic and Simon, as well as Rep. Tim Sanders; Rep. John Lesch; Minneapolis City Council Members Kevin Reich, Jacob Frey and John Quincy; Robin Garwood, aide to Council Member Cam Gordon; former Council Member Ralph Remington, and Sociable Cider Werks for a fantastic event!


Novoselic was a huge hit at the Duluth Better Ballot Campaigns Rock Your Vote event in Duluth on Oct. 2, too. The celebration featured live music from several talented local music acts and a ranked best band election click here to read more and see photos.


Help the Duluth Better Ballot Campaign Reach Every Voter

The Vote Yes on 2 campaign to bring RCV to local elections in Duluth is entering the home stretch and while momentum is strong, with lots of great editorials and letters to the editor in recent weeks. In last Sunday's Duluth News Tribune, Rep. Erik Simonson asked Duluth voters to join him in voting "yes" for RCV calling it a "much more inclusive and representative way to vote."


But opponents are in high gear as well, with an official "Vote No" campaign led by political insiders who are spreading misinformation about RCV, telling voters RCV is too confusing and attacking the Duluth Better Ballot Campaign. It's happened in every city that's explored structural reform: those invested in the status quo pull out all the stops to scare voters about embracing change. Right now in Duluth, the attacks are reaching new levels - and the fear they're showing could undo years of grassroots effort. 


We need your help. Can you help ensure the campaign reaches every voter before Election Day?  We know that the more voters know about RCV, the more they like it. Theres less than a month to go your donation today directly to the Duluth Better Ballot Campaign will help enable voter outreach canvassers to talk to every Duluth voter between now and Nov. 3! 


$50 busys 20 conversations with voters

$100 buys 40 conversations with voters

$250 buys a booth for a day at the Duluth Senior Expo

$500 buys a week of phone calls to voters 


Lend a Hand with GOTV in Duluth or St. Paul


With the Ranked Choice Voting ballot measure in Duluth and the RCV city council election in St. Paul, Election Day volunteers are needed in both cities! Can you help with get-out-the-vote efforts in Duluth or RCV education in St. Paul on Nov. 3?


To volunteer with our friends at the Duluth Better Ballot Campaign, contact DBBC manager Katie Humphrey at To pitch in with voter education in St. Paul making sure this election is as successful as the previous two RCV elections, and that voters in wards with multicandidate races are ready to rank their ballots contact St. Paul campaign coordinator Erik Anderson at


Thank you for all you do for a better democracy!