Dear Friends,

Political dysfunction is deeper and more pervasive than ever in this presidential race. Extremism, polarization, divisiveness, malicious attacks and spoiler accusations its all there. This years election has led to unprecedented voter alienation and has made the need for Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) crystal clear.

With minor-party candidates Gary Johnson and Jill Stein pulling about 10 percent of the votes, according to recent polls, their supporters are being admonished daily not to waste their vote and spoil the election.

RCV is the only reform that eliminates the deleterious spoiler problem. It empowers voters to vote for the candidate they truly believe in without the real risk of electing the candidate they fear the most. And RCV is the only reform that can combat minority rule and the hyper-partisanship, polarization and cynicism plaguing our politics.

Minneapolis and St. Paul and cities across the county and countries around the world have proven that RCV works. Your investment in this movement in time or money or both  is critically urgent. 

Here are five powerful things you can do RIGHT NOW to help us make RCV a tested and achievable solution a reality in Minnesota, and help us grow the movement nationwide:

1)    Make a contribution.  Youve helped put Minnesota at the forefront of the Ranked Choice Voting movement in the United States. No matter whether youre a long-time supporter or first-time contributor, your investment right now is crucial. This election has proven that our system is irreparably broken, but not everyone knows theres a solution! We need your help to make sure every Minnesotan hears about RCV -- in the media, on social media and at their local business and Rotary Clubs, neighborhood groups and places of worship. Donate $15, $25 or $50 right now to help put RCV at the top of the Minnesota reform agenda the time is now!

2)    Write a letter to the editor to your local paper and let your neighbors know why RCV is a solution to our collective frustration. Most importantly, ask for their help in bringing RCV to your community and to statewide elections in Minnesota. Need some help getting started? Click here for talking points or email and well help get you rolling.

3)    Contact your candidates. The presidential race may be grabbing all the headlines, but there are numerous competitive state legislative races also that matter to the future of RCV in Minnesota. Now is the perfect time to ask your candidates about their support for RCV and the "local option, which gives all Minnesota communities the opportunity to use RCV if they wish. Click here to find your legislative candidates.

4)    Request a speaker.  Want to help spread the word about RCV? Let us know and we can provide speakers for your church, rotary, business or other groups!

5)    Volunteer! Join our outreach team and become an RCV expert.  Were a hard-working but fun bunch and welcome your passion and talents as part of the team!  Email

Thank you for all you do for a better democracy!

The FairVote MN team

P.S. If youre not yet following Maines efforts to take RCV statewide, follow them on Facebook or Twitter. Its a winnable campaign and after they win, lets make Minnesota the second state in the nation to go RCV!